Tread Softly, Breathe Peacefully

Welcome to the KATBERG
Resort & hotel

At the foot of the Katberg Mountains, high in the Winterberg,  is Katberg Mountain Resort and Hotel  (previously known as Katberg Hotel), set in verdant gardens with expansive lawns.

This is a region of scenic splendour that, for many years, has been a favourite holiday destination.  

Clear rivers and soft, green valleys; waterfalls and forested ravines, sweeping plantations and exposed, grassy summits make up the Katberg.

An iconic and historic landmark on the Eastern Cape landscape, Katberg Hotel has welcomed families, friends, outdoor enthusiasts, conference goers and events planners for generations.

Renowned for the Eastern Cape’s warm and good humoured hospitality, wholesome tasty menus, comfortable accommodation and a multitude of activities and options ensure a happy and relaxed stay.

For families, the welcome is unconditional, and children of all ages are catered for. Our children’s programme and activity options focus on fun and lively eco-action activities, using nature and the outdoors for children to learn and master life-long skills.


Katberg Mountain Resort and Hotel  is committed to complying with South Africa’s new data protection law: POPI

The nature of our business means that we  have your name,  email and other contact details on our system, either as a guest, service provider or for marketing purposes.   We value our relationship; it is our priority to keep this information safe and secure on our data base.

We will also synchronize the collection of information to keep it to a minimum.

It is your right to elect to hear from us or not.  We will assume a non-response as permission to automatically keep you on our data base.   If, however, you wish to be removed, please send us an email and all your information will be removed from our database.