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Katberg Hotel Facilities

Facilities at Katberg Hotel


The Katberg Hotel is set in lush terraced gardens with expansive lawns connected by meandering walkways. 


MEALS at Katberg Mountain Resort and Hotel are a celebration of traditional and freshly prepared farm fare.  Preference is given to locally produced products; the Veggie Garden, a business opportunity for the village is a constant source of fresh greens both for the hotel and the community.

Picnics and sundowners,  The Poolside Café in summer, or snacks around a roaring fire in winter;  hearty breakfasts and evening buffets  – this is what a holiday at Katberg Mountain Resort and Hotel is all about.


To ensure a happy and relaxed stay there are numerous guest facilities such as the lounge, bar library and cosy corners.  

Corporate Events Facilities

We’ve got the space, & we’ve got the options.

We also have a list of speakers/ teambuilding companies, specialists to take your event to the next level.


Katberg Mountain Resort and Hotel  is committed to complying with South Africa’s new data protection law: POPI

The nature of our business means that we  have your name,  email and other contact details on our system, either as a guest, service provider or for marketing purposes.   We value our relationship; it is our priority to keep this information safe and secure on our data base.

We will also synchronize the collection of information to keep it to a minimum.

It is your right to elect to hear from us or not.  We will assume a non-response as permission to automatically keep you on our data base.   If, however, you wish to be removed, please send us an email and all your information will be removed from our database.